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Evergreen Liquors Fine Wine Room

Shop our store for a large variety of several thousand different wines. The following is a partial list of our wine selections rated 90+. Many wines, which are of a limited production, are from boutique vineyards. New wines arrive weekly. Come in to see our great selection for this week!

Sampling of wines at Evergreen Discount Liquors this week

Winery Type/Vintage Score Price Country / Expert
Atteca Armas 07 91 $46.99 Spain / R. Parker
Bodegas El Nido El Nido/2010 91 $149.99 Spain / W. Spectator
Bodegas El Nido Clio/13 92 $50.99 Spain / Spectator
Mas Alta La Basseta/10 93 69.99 Spain / Vinous
Alto Moncayo Moncayo/2010 92 $49.99 Spain/ Spectator
Mate Brunello Di Montalcino/08 93 $49.99 Italy / Spectator
Mocali Brunello Di Montalcino/2010 94 $49.99 Italy / Spectator
Azelia Barolo Margheria/08 94 $64.99 Italy / R. Parker.
La Spinetta Barolo Vigneto Campe/04 93 $149.99 Italy / R. Parker.
G.D. Vajra Barolo / 05 91 $44.99 Italy / R. Parker.
Manzone Le Gramolere Barolo/2010 94 $56.99 Italy / Spectator
Amon-Ra Shiraz/08 94 $99.99 Australia / W. Spectator
Anaperenna Shiraz-Cabernet/10 90 $74.99 Australia / W. Spectator
Mollydooker Enchanted Path 93 $64.99 Australia / R. Parker
Beaulieu Georges De Latour/06 91 $99.99 Napa Valley / Parker
Groth Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon/2010 92 119.99 Napa Valley / Spectator
Joseph Phelps Insignia/2010 95 $215.99 Napa Valley / R. Parker
Chateau Dissan Margaux/09 93 $134.99 France / R. Parker
Chateau Giscours Margaux/09 91 $129.99 France / R. Parker
Chateau LaGrange Saint Julien/06 91 $79.99 France / R. Parker
Chateau Beychevelle Saint Julien/07 89 $71.99 France / R. Parker

Evergreen Discount Liquors wants to help you choose the best wine for your meals and enjoyment. Our complimentary weekly tastings at Evergreen Liquors Tasting Room are intended to educate you without your having to make a purchase until you are sure of the appropriate wine for your occasion. Be sure to sign up for the tastings and the “Wine of the Month Club.” Check out the Varietals, Growing Regions, Food & Wine Pairings. Our experienced staff will gladly assist you select the proper wine. THE GREATEST WINE IS THE ONE YOU LIKE THE MOST.

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